Shipping FAQ

How is shipping added to my cart?

When you type in your address, shipping is calculated automatically. Our basic shipping is up to 5kg and starts at 25 euro to mainland Spain.

Can I choose another type of shipment?

Sure, we always strive to find the optimal shipment for your order. Just email us and we are happy to customize your shipment.

How many days does it take for my shipment to arrive?

Normally it takes 5-7 working days within Europe. All our shipments come with a tracking number so you are able to follow your art along the way.

Does the shipment arrive to my home?

Yes, all our standard shipments are delivered to your doorstep or the address you choose when placing your order.

What happens if I’m not at home and the package arrives?

No worries, the shipping company will call you before and set an appointment. It’s therefore important you fill in your mobile number (including country code) when you place an order.

I live outside EU, who is responsible for any additional taxes or custom fees?

You are responsible for any additional custom fees or applicable country taxes.

My package has arrived broken, what do I do?

Take a few pictures of the package and the broken item with your mobile or camera. Send us an email including the pictures and explain the damage. We will handle the claim and solve the problem in the best way without any additional costs for you.

I don’t like the art I have bought, can I return or change my items?

Of course, just send us an email and explain and we will help you select something else.

In case of return or change, who is responsible for the shipping?

If it is an ordinary 5kg shipment within Europe we will pay all shipping costs. If the amount exceeds 50 euro, the customer will have to pay half of the additional amount.

I have bought some art for my company/office, is it possible to receive an invoice?

For sure, just send us an email with your company details and we will send you an official invoice in return.

How is the art shipped in order not to get damaged?

In order for the art to stand the shipping, we carefully wrap your art in our suitable shipping boxes, please see the pictures below.

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Europe & International Package

Custom made wooden box for Original Paintings

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